LikeAbird’s industrial-grade Power Management Systems (PMS) are unique solutions that ensure reliable and stable energy supply, monitoring and control for onboard and ground energy-intensive applications. The smart devices includes digital power switch, DC-DC converter modules, Battery Management Systems (BMS) and tethered solutions for uninterruptible drone operations. Most of the devices features bus interfaces for real-time remote monitoring, analysis and control.

Main Product Features

Made in Europe

Everything produced in the EU member countries ensure that European labour laws and sustainability standards are respected. Local manufacturers are supported, transport routes are kept short.


Products are designed and made using industrial-grade standards and high quality components in order to meet the most stringent customer requirements in reliability and ruggedness.


Product customizations are our daily business. We are focused in customer satisfaction and to bring its project to success. This can be fulfilled only through a product customization process.

Open Source Firmware

Products containing a micro controller features the possibility to obtain the firmware source code for private in-house customizations and enhancements. We support also the Arduino development environment.


Most of our products support the SMBus standard and are made to communicate with Smart Batteries following the SBS standard. The SMBus & I2C protocol are also used for remote telemetry purposes.


Interoperability is the key to the success. Doesn't matter if hardware or software interfaces have to be interconnected, we will manage it for you using serial interface and protocol gateways.

Product Line Card

Ground BMS, Vehicle BMS, Fuel Gauges
Battery Switches, DC-DC Converters, Tethering Systems
Low-Voltage Distribution, FAN Power Distribution, RC-PWM Power Distribution