Smart Battery Management Solutions

Replace NOW Your Legacy Ocean Server Battery Controller Modules (IBPS) BC1022, BB-04, MP-04 and XP-04!

DSBMS Main Components


  • SMBus Charger/Selector for Two  Smart Batteries per Board
  • Voltage and Current Accuracy within 0.2% of Value Reported by Battery
  • Stackable up to 4 Board for up to 8 Batteries (battARRAY Cluster)
  • Includes All SMBus Charger V1.1 Safety Features
  • Supports Autonomous Operation without a Host
  • Allows all Batteries to Discharge Simultaneously into Single Load with Low Loss (Ideal Diode)
  • SMBus Switching for Dual Batteries with Alarm Monitoring for Charging Battery at All Times
  • Dip-Switch Programmable Limits for Maximum Charge Current and Voltage Improve Safety
  • Fast Autonomous Power Path Switching (<10µs)
  • Low Loss Simultaneous Charging of Two to Four Batteries
  • >95% Efficient Synchronous Buck Charger
  • AC Adapter Current Limiting Maximizes Charge Rate
  • SMBus Accelerator Improves SMBus Timing
  • Optional MCU and Open Source Firmware for extensive Customizations and enhanced Scalability

Compatible Smart Battery Packs


Image courtesy of Accutronics

Medical Device, Defence & Security, Industrial Electronics, Portable Electronic Device and Robotics OEMs worldwide rely since years on Smart Battery Packs. A smart battery is any rechargeable battery that has an internal electronic fuel gauging, active safety systems, electronic circuit and sensors that can detect voltage and current levels as well as other parameters such as state of health and then communicate them to the device and, as an extension, to the user through special data connections.

The standard communication interface is the SMBus, based on a two-wire system (I2C) using a standardized communications protocol. This system lends itself to standardized state-of-charge and state-of-health measurements.


  • Robotics & Rovers
  • Drones & Unmanned Vehicles
  • Ground Control Stations
  • Unmanned Underwater Vehicles
  • Portable Medical Devices 
  • Temporary Installment Security Systems
  • Emergency, Remote Radio Equipment
  • Wearable Camera Systems
  • NEMA Battery Boxes
  • Portable Measurement Devices
  • Industrial Power Banks
  • UTM Base Stations
  • In-Vehicle Power Supply
  • … and much more