Enhance Your Drone System to the Next Level!
Replace Your Hobby RC Transmitter with an Industrial-Grade Solution!

Modular System

Completely customizable layout including C2 and video downlink modules

Gloves Compatible

Control your remote vehicle in cold and freezing environments

UAV, UGV, USV, ...

NOVA is ready to be paired to any kind of remotely operated vehicle


No limitation in operational scenarios, either for VLOS and BVLOS operations

Complex Machines Made Easy

Main Components


The NOVA USCT (Unmanned Systems Control Transmitter) is a fully integrated industrial and rugged handheld ground control station for VLOS and BVLOS operations. The flag-ship, the NOVA USCT 4.3 offers the latest machine-to-man interface technology with a new 4.3” TFT color display, touch-sensors in the handle for improved safety, optional 9.0Ah or 10.6Ah lithium-ion battery pack for extended use and real-time data capability.

Rugged Receiver

The NOVA USCT 4.3 will be delivered with a rugged enclosed 2.4 GHz FHSS diversity receiving unit with various interface options. Interface options includes Serial, CAN, PWM, PPM and Ethernet.

Customizable Layout and Display Content

Your drone or remotely controlled vehicle has been developed for a specific use in mind. It is for industrial inspections, surveying, surveillance, or any other operational scenarios. Customize your NOVA USCT 4.3 layout and display to fulfill your vehicle functions without the mess of unused buttons, switches, dials and display information. Stay focused on your specific vehicle features and functions including payload and sensors. We will assist you in the design process for the display and switch/buttons layout until you're satisfied.

The Workhourse for Small Drones

Main Component


Hetronic and LikeAbird introduces the next generation of NOVA Transmitter with leading edge technology to connect Man to Machine. The NOVA USCT 2.4 is ergonomically designed with a high resolution 2.4” TFT Color display and a more compact control panel. The NOVA USCT 2.4 is ideal for real-time control of smaller drones and unmanned systems for a wide range of industrial, civil and authority applications.

OEM Mini Receiver

The NOVA USCT 2.4 will be delivered with a mini 2.4 GHz FHSS diversity receiving unit with standard PPM output and MAVLink serial interface for telemetry feedback.

NOVA USCT Common Features

NOVA shoulder hook for long-time operations

Frequently Asked Questions

Hobby RC Transmitters are made for mass productions in the hobby market with fixed layouts and display settings. They are fine for outdoor use in good warm weather conditions and clean environments. However they are not made for rugged use in dirty and wet environments and their use with gloves is almost impossible.

The NOVA Series provides them the safest, most reliable and durable wireless Radio Remote control system to meet the demands of your daily process control needs. Hetronic has designed and delivered over 500K wireless Radio Remote Control systems to over 3,000 customers during its 34+ years of operation. Customized layout and screen content allows for customer specific drones and unmanned systems applications that are intrinsically safe, high performance and ruggedly reliable.

Yes! Hetronic designs, develops and manufactures all of its products in the ISO 9001 certified facility in Malta.

NOVA is using the “Aviation Mode”. This means you have the flight/cyclic controls on a three-axis joystick on your right hand, and the throttle/collective on your left hand. This is standard in any manned aviation aircraft. You will quickly get comfortable using this mode instead of the complicated RC Mode 1 or 2.

Video downlink is very customer dependent. Using our “Mission 2×2 MIMO Data link” you can connect an IP based video stream and display it on a tablet using a software video decoder or a video monitor using a hardware video decoder. You can also stream video using the BEYOND LTE VPN Terminals:

Depending on your requirements, we are working with selected and qualified partners that offers high quality HDMI/SDI/Analog video encoder/decoder and camera gimbals with native IP streams.

ISM 2.4 GHz on max 100mW with LBT (Listen Before Talk). This is ETSI EN 300 328 compliant.

Maximum distance is dependent on your operational environment and local frequency spectrum rules. In the EU the maximum power level for ISM is 100mW on 2.4 GHz. Depending on the used antenna configuration you can reach over to 3 km in a LOS situation.

Not yet! We are analyzing the usability of the SRD 868 MHz for secure C2 applications. However our 2.4 GHz excels at noise rejection capable, even in very busy environments. Using the external IP interface, you can connect any special frequency and power level module you require. Contact us for more details about our C2 solution!

The NOVA series is primarily a VLOS/EVLOS remote radio control unit. However, you can connect a external IP based high-power data link or the BEYOND UTM & BVLOS Connectivity solution:

Yes and No! No, you cannot use the NOVA with DJI’s standard drone products, such as the Matrice, Inspire or Phantom Series. This is because of the original DJI RC Controllers that have the Lightbridge Data link incorporated. Yes, you can use the NOVA with DJI’s Flight Controller equipped drones, such as the N3 or A3 Series FC.

Yes it is! The receiving unit features a MAVLink UART interface that can be connected on the “Telemetry 1” port of the PX4 compatible flight controller.

We support any kind of flight controller/autopilot. Contact us about what do you have and how to interface with it.

This depends on the NOVA model. We integrate basic functions such as battery status, distance, altitude, GPS status and others. However, the display contents is customizable. So get in contact to us to discuss your requirements.

NO! We use our own SERaero protocol suite for maximum safety and security. We handle MAVlink on the receiver level using our protocol wrapper. Native MAVLink protocols are supported on our Mission Data Link.

You can use our “2×2 MIMO Mission Data Link” either using the Ethernet port or its WiFi AP function.

We offer the OEM Mini-Receiver for small drones and the Rugged Receiver for larger systems. Standard outputs are PPM and MAVLink UART. Optionally there is a variety of available interfaces. such as PWM, CAN, Ethernet and more UARTs.

This is is simple! You can just swap the existing receiver with the NOVA receiving unit. If you are using various onboard sensors, we can provide you with Gateway Boards to interface the actual sensors with the NOVA receiver. For special applications, you can also keep your actual receiver/sensor setup and we will supply you with a NOVA with a compatible RF model. Keep in mind, this setup has limited features!

YES we do! We are working on a new generation avionics bus that allows existing sensors (Smart Bus, Duplex EX, HoTT) to interface with our new industrial-grade sensors.

Sure! You can connect it using the IP interface. Contact us to discuss your setup and how to integrate it.



Hetronic, Inc. a Methode Electronics (NYSE: MEI) company is the global leader in the design and manufacture of configured Industrial wireless Radio Remote Control (RRC) system solutions. We have designed and delivered over 410,000 wireless Radio Remote Control systems to over 3,000 customers during our 34+ years of operation. Our global network of trained and authorized resellers, distributors and service centers are available in over 52 countries to meet the immediate needs of our industrial equipment customers.