DSBMS - Dual Smart Battery Management System

High Power Smart Battery Manager for Inspired Energey and Accutronic smart batteries

Direct replacement for Ocean Server’s Battery Controller Modules (IBPS) BC1022, BB-04xx, MP-xx and XP-xx


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DSBMS – Dual Smart Battery Manager

Modular, high-power, scalable, ultra-high efficiency smart battery pack manager for mobile, portable electronic equipment and robotic applications.


The right-sized BMS for demanding business critical applications

The LikeAbird DSBMS is a world-class, high power and ultra-high efficiency single stand-alone SMBus and SBS smart battery management system (BMS) designed to cost-effectively provide high levels of battery power availability while simplifying the power management of your electronic equipment or robotic application. DSBMS is a true modular and stackable system consisting of an intelligent management module (the Controller) for up to 2 swappable smart battery packs, extensible up to 8 smart battery packs. Optional power conditioning and distribution modules, and an external micro controller open various configuration and data visualization modes that facilitate easy and efficient integration, operation and service.

This architecture can scale power and runtime as demand grows or as higher levels of availability are required. The DSBMS systems can scale in increments of 550Wh (two high-power battery packs) up to 2.2 kWh (8 battery pack in a battARRAY™ configuration) using an optional stack manager. Various battARRAY™ modules can be connected to an external bus bar for larger configurations.

With industry-leading power density, the DSBMS has the ability to fit seamlessly inside your robotic application (UAV, ROV, UGV, GCS), on your desktop to power various electronic equipments or in a compact Portable Energy Storage Unit (rugged 19” and Pelicase also available) to be a standalone portable energy source in the field for various civil and military applications.

Highly manageable, the DSBMS features self-diagnostic capabilities, various auto-shutdown and power on modes that mitigate the risk of human error. Other optional features include remote data visualization, command & control of power conditioning modules, seamless customer application integration, and custom designed micro controller boards resulting in increased overall application availability and reliability.

NOTE: The DSBMS is a direct replacement unit for the Ocean Server’s Battery Controller Modules (IBPS) BC1022, BB-04xx, MP-xx and XP-xx series.

Additional information

Weight 0.038 kg
Dimensions 7 × 6 × 1.5 cm
Power Output:

550 Watt

Output Voltage:

Raw Battery Pack Voltage

Input Voltage

18-20 VDC, 90 Watt minimum required

Battery Packs:

Li-Ion 2s to 4s Inspired Energy, Accutronics, RRC, Epsilor, BB-2590, Denchi Power, Bren-Tronics, Mil-Power Limited

Operation Modes

Stand-Alone, optional MCU board

DSBMSv1 Data Sheet – Comming Soon

DSBMSv1 Quick Guide