Enable Your Drone System to IP Networking!
Replace Your Hobby Raspberry Pi Datalink with an Industrial-Grade Solution!

Modular System

Completely customizable layout including C2 and video downlink modules


Customize to your specific needs. We will assist you in the whole process

UAV, UGV, USV, ...

Ready to be integrated to any kind of remotely operated vehicle


No limitation in operational scenarios, either for VLOS and BVLOS operations

IP Datalink Building Blocks

Designed for quick integration with minimal engineering effort, the LikeAbird IP-based Rugged Datalink Solutions provides simplicity and flexibility making it the easiest and fastest networking-enabling building blocks on the market. Designed as IP enabling options for our industrial-grade radio remote control transmitters NOVA USCT, the modules can be also integrated in any custom project that requires Ethernet connectivity on virtually any remote vehicles.

At the heart of the IP-based datalink solutions you will find industrial-grade COFDM 2×2 MIMO IP Mesh Radios and 4G/LTE Routers for both remote vehicle and ground applications, remote vehicle receiving units with S.BUS, PPM, UART, CAN Bus autopilot interfaces, and our rugged Ethernet-to-Serial Gateway for both wired and wireless connectivity.

Remote Vehicle 4G/LTE Router


The carbon fiber enclosed lightweight and rugged Remote Vehicle VPN Router offers a permanent reliable and secure virtual private network tunnel. The router features a high performance and reliable cellular modem with a redundant SIM slot for multi-carrier operations, two LAN and one WiFi interfaces for native IP connectivity, and an integrated GNSS receiver.

Optionally one LAN interface can be configured as a WAN interface for a variety of customized VLOS/EVLOS or broadband satellite communications. A High-Availability Mode allows the use of two routers in parallel in an Active-Standby configuration. 

An Iridium modem can be optionally be connected to perform automatic backup link switching.

  • 3G/4G-LTE Connectivity up to 100 Mbits
  • Carbon-Fiber and aluminium enclosure
  • Integrated GNSS, LAN Ports and WiFi
  • Iridium-Ready for automatic link backup

Ethernet-to-Serial Gateway


Designed for quick integration with minimal engineering effort, the small Ethernet-to-Serial Gateway provides simplicity and flexibility making it the easiest and fastest networking-enabling module on the market.

Ethernet-to-Serial Gateway is an extremely compact networking solution that enables Ethernet connectivity on virtually any device with a serial interface, including autopilots and payloads. The included industry-proven device server application and full IP stack allow seamless remote access to device data simplifying design integration while providing robust connectivity.

A key difference with the Ethernet-to-Serial Gateway is that there is virtually no need to write a single line of code, translating to a much lower development cost and faster time-to-market.

  • Wired and Wireless module options
  • RJ45 and/or Molex Picoblade Ethernet connector
  • Two UART ports on Molex Picoblade connectors
  • GPIO interface for custom signaling

COFDM 2x2 MIMO Mesh Radio


The COFDM IP-Radio module provides an ultra-reliable, short- to long-range (country dependent), high-throughput wireless broadband data link between remote vehicles and ground stations to achieve the best performance for Industrial remote control use cases.

Self-forming and self-healing, peer to peer, multi-hop, multi-frequency mesh capabilities of the IP-Radios extend the range and improve robustness of the command & control and payload datalink.

Advanced traffic prioritization of Ultra Reliable Low Latency Channel for all Command and Control traffic and concurrent multicast video streaming of 4k video on the same link.

  • Interference resistant COFDM and MIMO technology
  • Up to 20 km or longer AES encrypted links with high gain antennas
  • Two Ethernet ports and one serial interface
  • Small 60x70x13mm @ 65g; -40°C to +85°C operating temperature

Freedom to choose Your preferred Encoder or Camera!

With "all-in-one" video datalink solutions available today, you're nailed down to use HDMI cameras only. However HDMI is not the most suitable connector solutions in terms or reliability and ruggedness. Using LikeAbird IP-base rugged datalink solutions you will keep your freedom to choose between a variety of native IP cameras and industrial-grade video encoders with multiple video input standards, from SDI to coax, or even HDMI.

Using native IP-based datalink solutions you can install more cameras and payloads, there is virtually no limits! We will help you to bring your project to a perfect match between requirements and success.

Compatible Autopilots and Softwares