L-Band Frequency Spectrums for Reliable Global Operations

Ka/Ku Band SATCOM systems allows to send more information per second. The problem with these high frequencies is that they need more power to avoid blockages, also larger antennas and this ultimately means that more equipment must be installed on your vehicle. Our L-Band solutions provides more stable global operations, even when the weather conditions are adverse in complicated areas.

Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) Communications

The beySAT terminal offers narrow to mid-band BVLOS communications for command and control (C2), telemetry and with BGAN also video streaming. With the Iridium’s pole-to-pole coverage satellite constellation you can control your remote vehicles from anywhere to anywhere around the world. With BGAN you have multiple regional Earth Stations choice to keep data local and optimize your data latency.

Ideal for UAV/UGV/USV and UAM (Air Taxis) Operations

Due its Low-SWaP modular architecture, the beySAT Terminals support a large range of air, land and sea platforms. Suitable for both standalone FTS (Flight Termination Systems) and primary datalink, the beySAT Terminals are the ideal companion to wireless and 4G/5G data link solutions to enable backup command and control (C2), telemetry, video, diagnostic monitoring, and other applications

Multiple Interfaces for Analog and Digital Compatibility​

Add SATCOM capability to your companion computer or autopilot/flight controller choosing your preferred data interface. Ranging from standard UART or USB interfaces up to native IP-based TCP/IP and UDP interfaces for advanced compatibility for all operational profiles. Additional RS-232/422, ARINC-429, CAN Bus, SMBus/I2C interfaces can be added.

Integration Services for Mission-Critical Operations

LikeAbird operates with an experienced team of engineers to work with our customers to deliver the business objectives of their planned BVLOS operations. We work with our clients to develop the best system architecture first so the proper system design can be performed to meet the required specifications and make your company’s competitive success.

Iridium and Inmarsat Pooled Airtime Service Plans

LikeAbird is listening to its customers and recognized that standard Subscription and Pre-Paid Service Plans are not well suited for unmanned systems operations. Through our UTM & BVLOS Connectivity Service Brand BEYOND we will offer tailored pooled service plans (where possible), RUDICS accounts, MAVLink decompressing and VPN data routing services.