Performance, Reliability, Quality! For over 30 years NOVA Radio Remote Control transmitters have been proven in the field under the harshest conditions, by over 1500 customers worldwide. LikeAbird and HETRONIC are committed to providing industrial process control professionals with the finest, most cost-effective belly pack in the market today. Our world-class design and manufacturing team listens to our customer needs, understands their application and delivers the right product for the job!

NOVA transmitters and matched receivers represent the latest in RF and HMI technology integrated with expert electronics and mechanical design. Nova transmitters can be used in a number of applications including: Mining, Industrial Inspections, Construction, Oil & Gas, First Responders, Fire-Fighting, Law-Enforcement, Military and Specialty Applications. Available as pre-engineered “off-the-shelf” or fully customized, Hetronic has the right product for your drone and unmanned systems application.

Main Product Features

Made in Europe

Everything is produced in EU member countries to ensure highest quality, low transport routes and fast support enquiries responses. Main development and manufacturing is done in Malta.


Products are designed and made using industrial-grade standards and high quality components in order to meet the most stringent customer requirements in reliability and ruggedness.


Product customizations are our daily business. We are focused in customer satisfaction and to bring its project to success. This can be fulfilled only through a product customization process.


Safety is our #1 priority and each of the over 425,000 radio remote control systems in operation are designed with the operators' safety in mind. We do radio remote controls and we do it right!

Global Service

Supporting our clients is a top priority, our 50+ global locations provide our customers the service they require to keep their systems working no matter what the situation.


Interoperability is the key to the success. Doesn't matter what kind autopilot family have to be interconnected, we will manage it for you using our serial and IP interface, and protocol gateways.

Compatible Autopilots and Softwares

Product Line Card